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Crypt Entombment

Crypt Entombment

Crypt entombment is a type of burial designed to hold casketed or cremated remains of the body usually in an above ground structure.

Private Estate Mausoleum

Personal mausoleums provide exclusive above-ground entombment. The mausoleum can be personalized by adding urns, vases, wings and numerous other enhancements. In addition, family and religious symbols can be inscribed by our experienced craftsmen. Choosing a mausoleum provides private and permanent security, and protection from the elements.

Private estate mausoleums are available at all Catholic cemeteries operated by the Diocese of Joliet.Cemetery Mausoleum

The cemetery mausoleum is constructed and owned by the cemetery and on its grounds. If you prefer an above ground arrangement, we offer various interior (climate-controlled) mausoleum complexes and exterior garden mausoleum crypts.

Mausoleum buildings offer individual crypt space for the entombment of casketed remains. These crypts are a tribute to a loved one. The Diocese of Joliet offers both interior and exterior cemetery mausoleum crypts.

Cemetery Mausoleums are available at:

  • All Saints Cemetery, Bourbonnais
  • Assumption Cemetery, Wheaton
  • Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Kankakee
  • Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Joliet
  • Resurrection Cemetery, Romeoville
  • Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery, Naperville

Lawn Crypt

A lawn crypt is an underground mausoleum and offers the same traditional in-ground burial with the exception that each burial includes a concrete outer container that has been pre-installed in the ground.

Our lawn crypt packages include a double depth lawn crypt interment rite for two, two interment fees (opening & closing) and a bronze on granite lawn crypt memorial with a bronze vase.

Lawn Crypts are available at:

  • All Saints Cemetery, Mausoleum & Columbaria - Bourbonnais
  • Assumption Cemetery, Mausoleum & Columbaria - Wheaton