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In-Ground Burial

In-Ground Burial

Burial for casketed or cremated remains of the body that are placed in a ground space. An approved outer container/vault is required.

There are many in-ground burial options, whether you choose to be buried in a casket or urn. Not all cemeteries offer all options due to space and availability. In-ground burial options include large family estate lots, multiple space lots and single grave spaces. The space, depending on the size and location in the cemetery, can be memorialized with upright custom monuments or flush memorials. In addition, grave sites can be personalized with engravements, plaques, statuary, vases and other distinctive options. We offer family and individual burial sites with a selection of memorializations to create a place of honor, comfort and peace.

In-ground burials are available at all Catholic cemeteries operated by the Diocese of Joliet.

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