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Grief Support

Grief Support

Grief is a normal response to the loss of a loved one. Everyone responds to death differently, and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. The time it takes to heal varies, but working through the stages of grief are important.

If you feel you cannot cope alone with your loss, you don't have to. We encourage you to seek help. Many parishes and funeral homes can assist you in bereavement counseling and programs. There are also many grief support groups available through parishes and communities. Please see below for grief support resources.

Grief Hotline Numbers

  • After Loss: 800-423-8811 (bereavement)
  • Compassionate Friends: 877-969-0010 (support for those dealing with death of a child)
  • SHARE: 800-821-6819 (pregnancy and infant loss support)

Onsite Resources

Grief CareNotes™

We have Grief CareNotes™ available at all of our family service center locations created to help children, teens and adults during the grieving process. Please visit one of our office locations to pick up Grief CareNotes™, or give us a call to send one via mail.

Additional Resources